Liquor Selection

Liquor Selection

The manufacturer

Back in 1873 a man named Vincenzo took his passion for the medicinal plants of his land and transformed it into a business idea. Thus begins the long journey made of stories and continuous research of the company that produces our Limoncello & coffee liqueur. An ancient distillery that has made its uniqueness its distinctive feature. The carefully selected natural raw materials were carefully processed to become liqueurs and distillates typical of their region. The limoncello & coffee unites two apparently distant worlds, the lemons one and the coffee one, but closely connected. Not only because from their union a perfectly balanced unique product is born, but because both are deeply connected to the territory they belong to: La Ciociaria.

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What makes, even more focused, the combination between the Roastery Dokito and the Distillery producing our limoncello & espresso coffee is the strong reference to a tradition handed down. From generation to generation, research became mastery and mastery of excellence in the production method. We wanted to enclose in a single bottle the whole story of two families who have turned their passion into a job and made unique a typically local and proudly made in Italy product.