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Coffee for those who love planet

Our green philosophy

Coffee is our zero point. The means by which to pass on the tradition, values and history of our family. The primary goal for us is to follow the path of espresso coffee from the very first processing process, directly taking care of the choice of the best raw coffee origins in the world, adopting the very strict rules of careful selection. Only by respecting these strategies we’ve been able to create during these years a certified product of the highest quality, 100% natural, stable and balanced.

Our goal is to contribute to sustainable change that looks to the future with a new awareness, through the protection of the planet and above all respecting the entire supply chain.


Sustainable. Natural. Supportive

Choosing Bio, a way to love ourselves and the environment. The “Planeta” line of Caffè Dokito was born from these principles, an Italian excellence of quality in compliance with the principles of ecology and human solidarity. A coffee that speaks of distant lands, of different cultures, of rituals; of hands that work the finest biological qualities and that today tell a story of balance between pleasure and sustainability.

Why choose Bio

The blend choose for Dokito coffee “Planeta” is in total harmony with nature, made by selected coffee beans 100% from organic agriculture, in full respect of the ecosystem and the security of workers.

Treedom e Dokito There’s no Planet B. Go green

A story of rebirth

Caffè Dokito supports Treedom by planting the first 10 trees for the reforestation of the planet. Treedom’s philosophy aims to create sustainable ecosystems that allow thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting new trees

Together towards

A Future.More Conscious..

Choose Bio for your Bar

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