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Long before 1960

A man. Africa. A Suitcase

This story begins long before 1960, in a pre-world war period. It’s the story of a man and a freedom’s dream which inspired the birth of Dokito Coffee. Africa 1940. After a long journey, the founder’s father finds himself in a faraway land with brilliant colours and wild nature. Over there, thanks to the big heart of the African tribes, he falls in love with the wonderful nature of those boundless lands, sharing cultures and rituals with the natives. The tragic events of the war make him a prisoner. Suffering, but eager to come back home he builds with few pieces of wood a suitcase. The same suitcase that two years later brought him back home. Inside it, along with a few things, he brings back to his son a very long story of Africa and its treasures, keeping within himself the strong emotions experienced for twelve long years. And it is precisely in one of those stories that Domenico first heard about endless fields of plants with red berries and white flowers: Coffee.

Images of the past

60's. The first roasting was born in the heart of a small village a few steps from a crystalline water lake in central Italy.

Domenico, now a man and father, together with his family creates the first artisan shop and his first coffee company.

Dokito coffee was born, tons of coffee were roasted, but the tales of the savannah and the stories of the suitcase continued to be a constant in the life of little Damiano too. Same name as his grandfather and same courageous creativity.

Since then, his attitude and his vision have made possible the evolution and deep innovation of that small family business, now an international reality, proudly the carrier of the ancient Italian roasting method in the world.


An ancient passion

from Three Generation