"A culinary project that strengthens the link between the ancient recipes, the lands and the families to which they belong."

This project was born from the desire to tell and disseminate ancient family stories that share with us the same attitude in the process of craftsmanship and in the conservation of the method between subsequent generations.

Wines Selection

Wines Selection

Discover our line of wines. Ideal to accompany special evenings and moments of conviviality.

Cocoa Selection

Cocoa selection

White chocolate, coffee beans, caramel notes, dark flavour and crunchy spread. A cuddle you do not expect.

EVO Oil Selection

EVO Oil Selection

Fine selection of DOP and BIO extra virgin olive oil from organic farming.

Liquor Selection

Liquor Selection

The uniqueness of a combination that extracts the best from two distant worlds!

Family Traditions

Ancient values turned into entrepreneurial projects.

Production Philosophy

Ancient methods shared over time.

Limited Editions

Highly selected products of local excellences

All the italian craftsmanship in a single project.