EVO Oil Selection

EVO Oil Selection

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The imagery that best describes the area where the gems of our oils are born carries us into the light wind of the sea breeze with its warm and enveloping sun of the Tyrrhenian coasts. A perfect framework where you can grow centuries-old plants that absorb all the romantic influence of the sea, transforming it into sweet fruity notes. From the Pontine hills comes the award-winning itrana olive (monocultivar). Excellence of our territory, which this farm has been able to cultivate, but above all to preserve, maintaining strict and certified harvesting and extraction standards, typical of handed down traditions.

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Indissoluble intertwining between the territory and the skill of the growers has made these oils (BIO and DOP) become the most loved among our exclusive products. Italian excellences in the world that enhance the ancient cultivation traditions of our territory with a historical link.