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– 50 Compatible Capsules Keurig* e K-Cup* Brewers x 9,5 gr.

Compatible Capsules K-cup and Keurig Brewers. Rich and intense taste with almond and dark chocolate notes.

*Dicos Group srl has no affiliation with Keurig Green Mountain inc., Keurig or K-Cup. Keurig e K-Cup are registered trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain,inc.

Full-bodied and intense coffee blend. The particular blending and roasting allow you to taste an American coffee with a typically Italian blend. Coming from plantations in Central America, from the regions of Central East Africa and from South Asian crops

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This blend is ideal for the filter coffee extraction method. The perfect choice to take your coffee everywhere with you in a travel mug.
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Blend of roasted coffee in single-dose Keurig* and K-cup* Brewers compatible capsules. 50 capsules x 9.5 gr
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The varieties present in this blend are characterized by being the basis of traditional Italian blends. The beans from the different cultivation areas give heterogeneity for a perfectly balanced coffee.
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