“Nice to meet you!” Albania

“Nice to meet you!” Albania

Tazza di caffè Dokito

Made in Italy is the most loved label in the world.

It is a concept, a brand, a set of values that bring craftsmanship, know-how and the various Italian excellences around the world.

It is our identity and it is the set of all the cultural influences that have followed one another over time that we are really proud of.

Even in roasting there is that emblem called “all’italiana” where the coffee tradition has taken root to the point of becoming all over the world.
Although, by searching on Google, the nation with the highest consumption of coffee is Finland, in Italy it remains an absolute primacy regarding coffee: the ancient production methodology.

Espresso has always represented the highest point of our tradition, what has made us famous all over the world and also pioneers.

Despite this, the increasingly in-depth research and study of raw materials and their combinations, but above all the influence of different consumption methods, has led us to explore the many types of coffee consumption.
This has allowed us to create blends suitable for any extraction that are close to the different world cultures, always maintaining their strong identity.

On 29 September 2022 it will be an honor for us to be able to present our artisan tradition and family history in Albania for the first time.

It will be a limited number event, where we will tell who we are, what our goal is, but above all we will carry out a small tasting of a careful selection of our blends for the Ho.re.ca sector and beyond.

The event will take place at the Green House Hotel in Tirana and will be divided into three key parts:

  • Business Presentation
  • Coffee Tasting
  • B2B Meeting (HO.RE.CA, importers and distributors)
A way to get in touch with the main Albanian referents and spread the concept of an artisanal production through our eyes and finally give a little taste of some of our coffee blends.

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