Tostato Lentamente

Sostenibile Naturale Solidale

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Tostato lentamente,
fino al cuore del chicco
cerchio dinamico _ sezione VALIGIA

Long before 1960

A man. Africa.
A suitcase.

A dream of freedom that inspired the birth of Dokito coffee. A story made of courage, vision and stories handed down; of wild lands and big-hearted tribes. A suitcase full of memories and the story of what would become the business reality of three generations linked by a single passion: coffee.


An ancient method of roasting which respect the Nature

Slow Roasting, Long Seasoning
Our artisanal approach allows an organoleptic, balanced transformation of the substances contained in the coffee beans, in harmony with the rhythm of the nature, aimed at eliminating the violent impact typical of industrial processing.

Blending Phase

Blending Phase

The first meeting between Arabica and Robusta happens strictly from their raw state. Only in this way the varieties, highly selected in a very early phase, are able to express themselves at 100%.

Roasting Phase

Roasting Phase

A process that takes place slowly. The aromas of the individual varieties are enhanced thanks to a balanced process that respects the times of Nature.



Following the cooling phase, the long seasoning is the only phase who is able to extrapolate from the blends the perfect aromatic combinations.

We create for coffee lovers
from all over the world

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Coffee for those who loves the planet!​

Choose Bio. A way to love ourselves and the environment. From these principles comes "PLANETA" the first Dokito coffee Bio- Organic Line. A coffee blend created in compliance with the principles of ecology and human solidarity. Perfect balance between pleasure and sustainability.

We Care of You,​ Planeta

Dokito coffee supports Treedom, by planting the first 10 trees for the reforestation of the planet. THERE’S NO PLANET B!

The philosophy of Treedom aims to create sustainable ecosystem that allow to thousands of farmers to face with the initial costs for the planting of new trees.


Perfect balance between
cream and aroma.

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