The aroma of coffee slowly roasted

A journey that starts from the different heights of the coffee plantations and reaches the heart of the bean

The magic of the perfect espresso is realized thanks to the meeting of two worlds: Arabica and Robusta.

Green coffee is already selected in the production areas and expertly roasted with production cycles ad hoc . Each blend is the result of patience and dedication.

Blending Phase

Blending Phase

The first meeting between Arabica and Robusta happens strictly from their raw state. Only in this way the varieties, highly selected in a very early phase, are able to express themselves at 100%.

Roasting Phase

Roasting Phase

A process that takes place slowly. The aromas of the individual varieties are enhanced thanks to a balanced process that respects the times of Nature.



Following the cooling phase, the long seasoning is the only phase who is able to extrapolate from the blends the perfect aromatic combinations.

The secret is to let each roast reach its optimum temperature Slowly.

Our goal for more than 60 years? Choose deliberately slow production cycles with maturing times of 12 days, calculated and optimized over years of work dedicated to coffee. The organoleptic transformation of the beans, mixed from their raw state, takes place in total balance and harmony with the times of Nature, favouring the exaltation of the substances contained in each variety.

Get surprised

By a Coffee!

Find out how many and which recipes you can make with our blends. From the creative art of typically Italian preparation to new influences from all over the world.

Watch the Mini-series

"Drops of Coffee"

Get in Dokito Coffee Roastery and explore our processing method through the eyes of the third generation. All the craftsmanship of an ancient production handed down from father to son. A circular process controlled and optimized over time.


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