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Creativity, chocolate art and innovation. These are just some of the peculiarities of this small artisan workshop with a big heart. 90's. Everything was born on the slopes of a medieval castle that has inspired the families of a small town in the south of Pontine for more than a few centuries. Here the refinement and inspiration of the master chocolatiers succeeds in bringing to light extraordinary combinations for the palate. The Choco Coffee Collection was born thanks to the joy and courage to combine opposing worlds under a new guise. Anise, olives, cocoa, caramel and coffee beans. And not only that… small runs for all those who want to explore new taste-olfactory combinations.

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What unites us deeply to our expert chocolatiers is the passion of small groups, which becomes great in the face of the instinct for discovery and exploration. The search for taste and beauty is expressed even more thanks to our solid and handed down production philosophies. A perfect match for us and our #coffeelovers.